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Creative Destruction Diamonds Hack

Creative Destruction is a game in which you will get to see different amazing areas. All the different spots are perfectly designed to show the immense pleasure of art and nature. All the spots have the eye-catching ability. You would see amazing buildings, trees. It is just like a wonderland.

A battlefield that you would like to see from your eyes in real is present in Creative destruction digital mobile game. Everything is so beautiful here and some exclusive information is being mentioned here for advanced players.

Positive Destruction

If you like to do action ‘Creative Destruction’ is the best game which can help you. This game is just like the reproduction of Fortnite for Android. It is a very smooth game with good quality controls. This game gives you amazing graphics and a huge variety of weapons.

This game helps you to release your stress by shooting other elements of the game. This is the game where many fighters are present. You need to fight with them and be the ultimate winner.

New features

–  Valentine’s Day event

–  All new devices are available and many more

The beginning of Creative Destruction

You will get to see the tutorial in ‘Creative Destruction’ in the beginning.  In the initial stage, you would be fighting with the robots, which would be an easy task. But as the levels go up, it would be a bit difficult for you.

You have to fight with real players as the time passes and the real enjoyment will start from there. If you are playing with your fellow partner you can choose the option to follow to let them follow you. Or you can follow the way chosen by them.

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Make and Break

You have all the opportunity to destroy almost everything in ‘Creative Destruction’. You can break houses, trees, automobiles, chairs etc and you can get material from these. Moreover, simply use creative destruction diamonds hack to get these all very fast. This material can be used to make structures for protecting yourself from different enemies. You can handle any critical situation with the help of your own built creatures.

How to Play?

–    Select your preferred mode. Classic Mode which is available in Solo, Duo, Squad or fire team mode

–    Land on that location where you can see many items to dismantle. This way you will get material to save yourself after landing.

–    There are a variety of controls available. You can choose your own style weapons.

–    Mini-map helps you to check your present location as well as your enemies’ location.

–    You have the option to invite and play with your friends


From the map, you can also see the location of Airdrops which includes premium style gears, guns, magic box and so on.

Way to core entertainment

So from all the above-stated points, it is clear that this game will help you to entertain yourself to the utmost level. You can enjoy fighting with other players. You can choose the different styled costume for you. From the variety of weapons, you have the option to choose the most happening weapon.

But you cannot choose many weapons together as there is a limitation in doing that. You have to remove the previously taken weapon in case of new weapon selection. You would love playing this stress releasing game alone or with your friends.

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