The Sims FreePlay Guide on Currency Gathering

the sims freeplay currency guide

Are you trying to progress in Sims Free Play game faster? Don’t know how to perform every single task of the game quickly or like a pro?

Don’t panic! As paying attention to forthcoming content help all the players to achieve all targets quickly like no one another can.

Everyone knows how much in-game currencies matter for progress. If a user has a sufficient amount of currencies in Sims Free Play then he/she can efficiently perform all tasks besides can progress faster.

Here we are going to discuss all about all the sims freeplay cheats for currencies like how to earn it, what is the role of currency in Sims Free Play and other questions.

Kinds of currencies Available in Sim Freeplay

Mainly there are three kinds of currencies used in Sims Free Play namely-

  • Simoleons
  • Lifestyle points
  • Social points

Role of these currencies

  • Simoleons- this kind of currency is considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks can be performed. Also, it can be used to purchase necessary items used to run the game. Like it can be used to buy new houses, businesses, buildings, furniture, appliances, and several other essential items.
  • Lifestyle points- LP can be used to purchase premium houses, vehicles, and many other things. Also, with the help of it, one can skip lots of hard goals and can buy different cakes, appliances.
  • Social points – it is a third primary currency of Sims Free Play from which various items can be purchased and for connecting with different friends.

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How to earn all currencies in the Sims free play?

the sims freeplay guide for currency

Complete different tasks

Various kinds of tasks are added in a game like social tasks, weekly tasks, and quests. Completing each type of task wisely permit players to earn all type of currencies quickly or in the proper amount. Don’t forget to complete these tasks as it is the most significant way to gain currency in the Sims Free Play game.

Daily rewards

Don’t forget to collect daily rewards for which users don’t need to pay any money. One can collect daily rewards for free without getting stressed. Also collecting daily rewards helps users to earn different kinds of prizes quickly.

Take advantage of pets

In rare occasions, pets can find LP for the Sims. It’s hard for pets to find LP but also not impossible.

Ghost hunting

Buy more than one haunted decoration items which permit Sims to make ghost hunting an exciting hobby. Capturing different ghosts after purchasing haunted items helps you to earn more Simoleons, LP, and SP.


After building a competition center, all Sims are able to compete with other users to earn all currencies and rewards. They can show exceptional skills, hobbies in competition to win prizes. Don’t forget to take participate in different competitions, which help to achieve this goal faster without getting stressed.

Buy currencies

Also, there is an app purchases option available for the players. Those users who are unable to collect currency in the right amount by completing game tasks can go for purchasing currencies.

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