Purchase Advertisement Space

Please follow the steps below to complete your purchase.

You need to have at least 20 STAKE under your account.

*Deposit via My Account -> My STAKE -> Deposit

1. Send STAKE

2. Fill out the form below

AD Space Purchase

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  • Yes

3. Done! It should be handled within a few hours.

Where does my AD get placed?

Your advertisement banner will be placed on the best available spot at time of purchase. New advertisements are placed on top of old ones.

When does my AD expire?

As soon as there are 100 advertisement spaces filled, the oldest advertisements (at the most bottom) get deleted for new ones. Therefore, it completely depends on how often advertisement spaces are being purchased.

What are your recommendations?

We recommend animated AD banners (.GIF) which will grasp the attention of our visitors. Additionally, it is recommended that you use visitor tracking enabled URL shortening services such as bit.ly OR use google analytics to better track the number of visitors you receive from the ad-platform.

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