Kinds Of Currencies Used In Toon Blast- Mobile Game!

Toon Blast is a kind of puzzle cartoon games filled with lots of enjoyment and thrills. Think about adventure cartoon thrills and multiple magical words!

It’s so amazing to find the puzzles and combos in order to pass the level. Unlocking new levels permits all the character to travel in multiple magical worlds. Numerous players from around the world come here to enjoy the game besides achieving several goals.

When it comes to enjoying more in the Toon Blast game, a user needs to earn game currencies by using some real toon blast cheats in sufficient amount. No, it is not a real currency to spend in-game as such currencies are made for the game to receive inside and buy various items.

Mainly there is a single premium currency used to play the activities known as coins.


As we discuss, coins are considered as the premium currency of the game, which is useful for performing different tasks or activities. Here you can read some uses of coins properly: –

  • Boosters

Boosters are used to blast a large number of cubes in lesser time. In other words, it is a kind of element used to enhance the performance, in addition, to pass the level quickly. It may increase the chances of winning more efficiently.

With the use of coins, one can easily buy more booster to enjoy more in addition to grabbing the opportunity of becoming a pro player.

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  • Life refill

Get failed during one level? Don’t worry as you can refill the life in order to replay the level. Life refill is considered as the power of all the player as without it no one cannot run the level.

One can easily refill the energy by using the currency in sufficient amount. It helps them to enhance performance and continue enjoying without any boring moment.

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