Game of Thrones Conquest Guide for Free to Play gamers

game of thrones conquest guide

Many players have an intention to play Game of Thrones Conquest without spending money. We think that it is possible if you follow some essential tips. Here comes our guide for these F2P players.

Join a clan

For a F2P player, finding a clan and supporting the alliance is necessary. The teammates ‘ support and the clan resources are sure to be a significant source of your progress, the more aid you get from those fields, the better for you and they’re all free.

Keep Level 23

The positives of holding Keep 23 are tremendous in a passive way. You’re in a more unadorned leaderboard band with level 23 than it is with level 24 or level 25. You can expect T9 and T10 players who have better efficiency through some gears. So running competitions against those players will be more complicated.

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Reach house level 30

The primary¬†advantages of a higher level of the house are improved weapons that you can mount and place in your armoury. And your primary objective would be to get an additional stat on your gear. It is a new feature after generation 3 Gear. It will be the best spot as a F2P and Low Spender, and after that, you shouldn’t rely much on your house stage.


You must concentrate on research at a lower level as they do not cost you much. However, do not delve into all the research and invest in the useful ones at the beginning. Find our research guide for a more detailed got conquest cheats to earn more in the game legally.

Dragon Level and Talents

The most significant is the Hatchling plant, and you must first concentrate on it in the first place. You can choose to rely on Whelp for defence or improved resources or Adolescent on an excellent increase in marching volume once the Hatchling tree is finished.


Concentrate on a Steel Crafting Quality kit, allowing you to reserve steel for all potential crafts. You must look for a piece of prospecting training equipment for Healing and Trop afterwards. When you have exposure to the Whent equipment after you hit House Level 20, this is your appropriate option as this package works on all three fields at once.


You shouldn’t dwell on the armouries as a F2P or Small Spender.

Armoury has powerful statistics ability. But you need to pay quite a bit or be lucky to get a respectable ranking.

The gains at lower levels are not justified to the expense required. You must dwell this field after your all other areas are on solid ground.

Where to spend gold

Your key objective is to keep your money secure from higher-level players attack.

Purchasing bubbles is the best use of gold.

Should you have any remaining gold, buy additional builder to accelerate your construction development to Keep 17 to 19.

Once you’re at this level, you will realize that specialized resources are running dry and you’ll have to spend your gold in gathering brick or¬†pine farming. But never spend gold on Keystones, which is your last resort.

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