StakeIt (STAKE) is a community-driven investment token co-founded by Bitcointalk community members. Unlike many lending coins, StakeIt allows users to stake their tokens on a daily basis without any locked-in withdrawal date limits. It features a comprehensive affiliate system, an advertisement platform, and an online arcade where StakeIt Tokens (STAKE) are used and earned.

Token Name: StakeIt

Ticker: STAKE

Decimals: 8

Type: ERC20 Token (Ethereum-based)

Blockchain Explorer | Token Contract

Please note that StakeIt (STAKE) is an ERC20 (Ethereum-based) token. Therefore, it is compatible with Ethereum wallets. You MUST use an Ether Wallet in which you have full control over its private keys. Recommended wallets: MyEtherWallet & MetaMask (Chrome Extension).


You can view StakeIt (STAKE) on your ETH wallets by following the below steps:


  1. Login to your wallet
  2. Under ‘Token Balances’ on the right side, click ‘Add Custom Token’ & fill in the details below: Token Contract Address: 0xbec8f6d667594fb181c9d68e5c80c910888be93d Symbol: STAKE Decimal: 8
  3. Click ‘Add’
  4. You will be able to see your STAKE balance


  1. Login to your wallet on your browser
  2. Click ‘Tokens’
  3. Click ‘Add Token’
  4. Fill in the details as below: Token Contract Address: 0xbec8f6d667594fb181c9d68e5c80c910888be93d Token Symbol: STAKE Decimals of Precision: 8
  5. Click ‘Add’
  6. You will be able to see your STAKE balance

For other wallets, please find an option to ‘Add Custom Token’ and fill in the details as specified above.

You can receive daily interest rates (staking) on the amounts you deposit to your web wallet. Simply create an account on the website and click on ‘deposit’ (My Account – My STAKE – Deposit). Once it gets deposited under your web wallet, it stakes on a daily basis.


Free Default Staking Rates: 0.035% per day (12.775% per year)


Paid Staking Plans

Basic: 0.04% per day (14.6% per year)

Premium: 0.055% per day (20.075% per year)

VIP: 0.07% per day (25.55% per year)

*You can purchase staking plans via My Account -> My STAKE -> Boost Staking Rates

We will continuously destroy tokens. This means that our initial total supply (100 million) will ultimately be irrelevant as it decreases continuously.

Below are the tokens we will destroy:

  1. All STAKE received to our ‘deposit’ address
    When users deposit STAKE under their website accounts, they will be required to send STAKE to a specific address.
  2. All STAKE received through ad space sales
    All tokens received as the result of advertisement spaces sold on our ad platform.
  3. Revenues generated through ‘staking plan’ sales will be used to purchase StakeIt (STAKE) on exchanges – to be destroyed.

We destroy tokens as such to ensure a healthy balance between supply X demand on the market. We believe that in the long-term, token holders will benefit significantly from our token destroy plans.

The AD Platform is where all StakeIt (STAKE) bounty and giveaway campaigns are held. Check the page regularly to participate in various events.

Additionally, it also features advertisement spaces which can be bought with StakeIt Tokens (STAKE). It will feature 100 advertisement spaces in total. Once the 100 spaces are filled, the oldest advertisement banner will be replaced with new ones. This cycle will continue endlessly.

*Tokens received through ad space sales will be destroyed as part of our token destroy plans

You can earn 1 STAKE per hour by playing arcade games available on the platform. Think of it as a faucet. Additionally, you can earn 0.1 STAKE for logging in daily.

No. StakeIt is not an HYIP or a ponzi scheme. Read this article for more info: https://steemit.com/stakeit/@stakeit/guide-to-stakeit-why-it-is-not-an-hyip

You are automatically registered as an affiliate as you register on the platform.

You can access your affiliate dashboard via My Account -> Affiliate Dashboard.

Receive 10% lifetime commissions on all sales referred by you as well as $0.5 per every sign-up referred. You can purchase affiliate coupons to better track your sales as well as provide incentives (discounts) to your potential referrals.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) system
(Earn commissions up to 4 levels deep)

1st level: Your direct referral (10%)

2nd level: Your direct referrals’ referral (5%)

3rd level: ” (2%)

4th level: ” (1%)

Ranks & Withdrawal Threshold

For all ranks, you will need to have at least 100 STAKE actively staking under your website account for withdrawals to be processed.

Basic Marketer – Default Rank – Withdrawal Threshold $30

Good Marketer – From Earnings Over $30 – Withdrawal Threshold $20

Pro Marketer – From Earnings Over $100 – Withdrawal Threshold $10

*All payouts are made in Ether (ETH) automatically as you reach your withdrawal threshold and you meet the condition of having at least 100 STAKE under your account.

Depending on your account’s staking plan (FREE, BASIC, PREMIUM, VIP), your deposits & withdrawals will take from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Please note that we handle all withdrawals manually for security reasons and you may occasionally be asked to verify your email address, ETH address, and identification.

We charge 2% of your total amount as withdrawal fees. All tokens received as such are destroyed as part of our Token Destroy Plans.

Do you still have doubts or questions? Join our TELEGRAM GROUP for support.

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