Everwing Currency Guide For Beginner Game Players

how to earn currency in everwing

Everwing is one of the famous Facebook and messenger battle game. Every player in the game gets a fairy {guardian} from which they can destroy all enemies or monsters.

There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is freely available. Lots of exciting game modes, missions, levels, challenges, tasks are available in-the game which all users can play.

Playing the game smoothly help all of them to explore more fun as well as reduce daily life mental stress.

When it comes to represent the Everwing game, then interested users need to deal with different essentials. One of the foremost essential is earning in-game currencies in a more massive amount.

Maintaining all currencies permits all gamers to progress in the game faster and play smoothly without facing any issue.

Also, it helps them to clear hard bosses, levels, and missions as soon as possible without getting frustrated.

If you don’t know anything about Everwing currencies, then try to stay focused on forthcoming content. Here we are going to mention an ultimate cheats for Everwing game.

Kinds of currencies

There are three main kinds of currencies used in Everwing game to perform every task or to purchase different game items.

  • Coins
  • Trophies
  • Gems


Coins are considered as primary currency of the game which can be used to perform all necessary tasks. In case if user’s doesn’t have enough amount of coins, they cannot pass objectives easily.

With the help of this currency you are able to get common egg, silver besides bronze egg.

Another main factor connected with coins is that it can be used to upgrade guardians. It helps to enhance the overall health of guardians and make them strong enough to win every fight.

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Trophies are other main currency of Everwing game that can be used for grabbing more advantages.

Generally, it can be spent to get some specific kinds of eggs such as ancient, gold and magical. These eggs can offer rare dragons which helps to strengthen the account.

With it, you are able to spend trophies for getting the boss and energies.


Gems are considered as the premium currency of Everwing game. All individuals are required to use this currency in useful things only as it’s so hard to earn it more.

With the help of this currency, you are able to buy all kinds of eggs and premium items.

Methods of earning currencies

There are different methods available to earn all kinds of currencies but going with right ways matters a lot.

Don’t panic here we are going to mention some good ways to earn coins, gems and trophies in more massive amount.

  • Complete missions and challenges
  • Participate in events and competitions
  • Routine raid
  • Sell dragons
  • Rank higher


So we can easily conclude that earning in-game currencies in sufficient amount is essential for gamers. It helps them to play smoothly besides succeed in Everwing game faster like no one another can.

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