The Shike Company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona. Co-founders, brothers, outdoor enthusiasts and innovative thinkers, Shawn and Michael Schiltz, started the company with the intent of bringing to market the many innovative product ideas they have had over the years.

The first product brought to fruition is the high grade Stake-it Anchoring System. Inspired by the lack of quality stakes on the market and no all-in-one tool to impact the stakes and remove them. This innovative tool makes it easier for campers to anchor their tents, and most importantly, remove the stakes from the ground when it’s time to pack up camp. They know how often campers bend a stake trying to pound it in the ground with a hammer or rip the stake-loops on the tent trying to pull the stakes out or pounded a stake so far in the ground they couldn’t get a hammer claw on it to pull it out. We’ve had the same thing happen to us more times than we can remember and that is what led to the development of the Stake-it Anchoring System. Use it and make your camping experience much more pleasant.

Look for more innovative products to come from The Shike Company that might make a part of your life a little easier.


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