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StakeIt (STAKE), an awesome community-driven project.


Decentralize It. Innovate It. Community-drive It.

What started as an experimental platform to deploy & test smart contracts for ERC20 tokens has slowly evolved to form a unique identity of its own. The project, driven by the community and smart contracts, focuses on delivering a fun, innovative, and truly decentralized staking & gaming experience. Do you have an awesome idea for smart contract based games? Join the StakeIt community today & help the project grow!

Main Features

From smart contract based games to decentralized staking options and a cryptocurrency merchandise store accepting STAKE tokens. We strive to create innovative use cases for STAKE.

Why StakeIt (STAKE)?

Here are some of the reasons why you should join the community & become an active "staker".


    Available in 15+ languages

  • Stake your tokens directly on any ERC20 compatible ETH wallets. Hold it for a minimum of 1 day - maximum of 90 days.

  • Receive staking rewards at any time of the day by simply sending any amounts of STAKE to/from the same address holding STAKE.

  • We take advantage of the Ethereum network to better secure & automatize the staking process.

  • StakeIt's smart contracts are verified on the Ethereum Blockchain with all transactions publicly traceable.

  • Earn STAKE by playing decentralized & smart contract based games guaranteeing maximum fairness and transparency!

  • Earn 10% commissions for referring sales (lifetime commissions). Design your own products & sell them through the store!

  • Bounty & giveaways are held on the AD platform to attract traffic and advertisers. Advertisers can purchase ad spaces with STAKE. All tokens received from here are destroyed.

  • StakeIt Token (STAKE) is a community-driven project. Your suggestions and feedback will be heard and implemented as the project matures. Join the discussions on our Telegram Group!

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