StakeIt (STAKE)

What started as an experimental platform to deploy & test ERC20 token smart contracts began to form a unique identity of its own. StakeIt (STAKE) is a truly community-driven Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ERC20 token, allowing you to stake your tokens, play smart contract based games, and purchase various cryptocurrency related products on the StakeIt Merchandise Store.

Decentralized Staking

A truly proof-of-stake ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Enjoy the decentralized and automatic staking feature at attractive staking rates.


stakeit merchandise store

Purchase hundreds of cryptocurrency products collected and hand-picked by the StakeIt team. Enjoy significant discounts as you purchase with STAKE. 

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Smart Contract Based Games

Open-source gaming smart contracts for solidity developers to collaborate and build a gaming ecosystem revolving around STAKE.

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STAKE, a Truly PoS ERC20 Token

Stake your tokens on a daily basis on any ERC20 token compatible ETH wallets such as MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Simply hold your tokens on your wallet for a minimum of 24 hours & start claiming your staking rewards.

  • Minimum Coinage: 1 day
  • Maximum coinage: 90 days
  • Current staking rates: 200% annually

STAKE as a Currency

We strive to create innovative real-world use cases for STAKE. You can purchase hundreds of cryptocurrency related products and services with STAKE through the StakeIt Merchandise Store. Guaranteed higher exchange rates for STAKE, allowing users to enjoy up to 10% discounts on orders.

Merchandise store & Affiliates system (Launched)

Design-your-own Products (coming soon)

Marketplace for STAKE users (Coming Soon)

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Token Details

EST. 2017

Ticker: STAKE

Token Contract: 0x7d266ed871f24d7b47b5a8b80abb391178c48bac

Decimals: 8



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  • TOTAL SUPPLY100,000,000 STAKE
  • Initial Supply5,000,000 STAKE
  • Bounty Tokens1,000,000 STAKE
  • Game Bankroll Reserves1,000,000 STAKE
  • Investors 3,000,000 STAKE
  • Staking Reserves95,000,000 STAKE

*Staking reserves were not pre-distributed/allocated. It can only be retrieved as a user claims his/her staking rewards. Expected period of complete distribution: 8-10 years.



Price of STAKE is closely monitored by a bot which notifies the team once the value has changed and maintained its changed value for ‘x’ period of hours.

Staking rates constantly change to balance a healthy supply X demand on the market. Staking rates increase when the value of STAKE has decreased and the staking rates decrease when the value of STAKE has increased.

The key to this equation is in the “x number of hours of STAKE maintaining its changed value”. The bot automatically detects overall cryptocurrency market status (Volume, Stochastic, RSI) and constantly changes the ‘x’ number of hours required for it to notify us to change the staking rates. 

Rates: 200%
95,000,000 STAKE
Rates: 0%


stake-it. make-it. innovate-it.

Idea development

June 2017

Alpha version launch

October 2017

Beta version launch

November 2017

Ecosystem Development stage

December 2017

Ecosystem Establishment Phase

February 2018

Foundation Re-building Phase

May 2018

Future Plans

June 2017

Idea development

Community-members on the Bitcointalk forum gathered to discuss about ERC20 tokens and smart contracts. It started as a simple community to share ideas, collaborate, deploy, and test smart contracts. The community started to form a unique identity of its own with members consisting of solidity developers, ICO investors, and various cryptocurrency and blockchain project marketing gurus. At this point of time, there were no Proof-of-Stake ERC20 tokens deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. After various market tests, 4 members of the community gather to form a team and the rest is history.

October 2017

Alpha version launch

To secure enough funds for the project, an alpha version was launched, featuring a pre-token sale. Over 500,000 tokens were sold within a period of 14 days.

November 2017

Beta version launch

Final deployment of the token contract & public token sale begins. Over a period of a month, 2 million+ tokens are sold to the public. The token sale ends successfully as with the no soft cap/hard cap policy. 

December 2017

Ecosystem development stage

Online arcade, centralized staking, scratch card games, web-based bounty platform, ad platform, and various gaming smart contracts are deployed, tested, improved, and dismissed. 

February 2018

Ecosystem Establishment Phase

Complete shift from a centralized system to decentralized platform running on smart contracts. Main features of STAKE is identified - Smart Contract Based Staking, Smart Contract Based Games, Merchandise Store.

May 2018

Foundation Re-building Phase

Due to a breach on the staking smart contract which contained 70 million+ tokens, the old STAKE contract is abandoned. New token contract is developed under better security standards and true Proof-of-Stake feature readily implemented. Whitepaper is modified to reflect the changes. Token swap is provided towards all users who had balances before the incident.

Merchandise store launches with just over 50 products. Various market tests to be continuously conducted to optimize products according to the trends of the market. 

Dice game is paused due to the smart contract breach. New smart contract based games to be developed under better security standards. 


Future Plans

Full list of future plans are available on the whitepaper .

Just to summarize some of what's to come in the near future:

  • Interactive Dice Betting Game
  • Lottery
  • Wheel-of-Fortune Game
  • Desktop Wallet (STAKE app)
  • Mobile Wallets (STAKE app)
  • Voucher System (Buy other coins instantly with STAKE)
  • Advertisement Platform (Buy & Sell AD spaces with STAKE)
  • User Marketplace
  • DYO (Design-Your-Own) Product Platform
  • SAAP: Partnerships with popular WordPress based online stores
  • SAAP: STAKE Debit Cards
  • Mobile Games

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